You may have seen the ‘Officer Munch’ avatar making everyone’s day on the Activity Stream with her witty humor and outright random posts.  As one of the most dedicated users on Anomo, she developed a cult following of 232 users who await each post to see what comedic wisdom Munch will come up with next.  Her best friend in real life is user, Ellie Bellie <3, they both live in Long Island, New York and spend their days pelting children with ‘rocks and candy.’ A die-hard ‘Law and Order: SVU’ fan Jennifer Munch wishes to follow in the footsteps of her “future husband,’ and fictitious ‘Law and Order’ character John Munch (played by Richard Belzer) by working for the SVU or becoming a medical examiner.  Good luck with that Munch.

Jennifer Munch loves spending time on Anomo because she can have normal conversations with random people and would like to get to know everyone in the Anomo world who isn’t annoying, because if there’s one thing Munch dislikes, it’s annoying mouth breathers.  When she’s not on Anomo she listens to all kinds of tunes, raised on country music the only genre she dislike with a passion is Jazz, and no one in the Anomo office can blame her for that.  A recent Train concert caused her to admit that it was her best say ever.   A loyal friend and confidant Munch will inflict harm upon anyone who speaks ill of her friends or family. Munch describes herself as an “apparently attractive” person, based upon the private message she receives each day, but retains the fact that she is “super humble that is puts Amish people to shame.”

Think you would like to get to know Jennifer Munch? Give it a go on Anomo!


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