You may have seen some avatars on Anomo that look a little bit different than the options you were initially allowed to choose from, those would be custom avatars that were created to look exactly like the user who owns it.  Many of you have been wondering how and where to get your hands on one.  Well here’s how to obtain that miniature version of yourself.

1. Reach 100 followers- We want to make sure we reward those who are actually using the app, by reaching followers we know you are an avid Anomo user and will reward you as one. Just contact us at

2. Post 14 days in a row- Post anything you would like to the Anomo Activity Stream for 14 consecutive days and then notify us at to verify that you qualify.

3. Share with your friends- Get 10 of your friends to Download the app via Facebook, and then contact us at so that we can verify you accomplished the task.

Upon completion of any of these tasks, we need you to send your username, picture you want your avatar to be modeled after, as well as what task you accomplished to

The wait to receive your avatar can be 1-2 weeks as we are often flooded with requests.




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