Now on Anomo each day has a theme for content.  Keep posting those random fatoidds if you’d like, but now if you want you can join in on the Anomo craze. Each day there will be a theme provided for posting, the results have already been encouraging. Here’s what to expect each day as you peruse the Anomo Activity Stream.


Sunday Selfies- You’re beautiful, let the whole world know it by snapping a picture of yourself (refrain from duck faces) and uploading them to the Anomo Stream.

Monday- Back to school, back to work, let the Anomo world know where you are by checking in to every location you visit on Mondays.

Tuesday Confessions- Something weighing down your mind? Get it off your chest, you’d be surprised how big of a relief it can be to confess your deepest and darkest to a room full of strangers.

Wednesday Wishlist- Want something badly? Saving up money for a new toy? Tell us about it or post a picture showing off what you can’t live without.

Thursday Turn Ons/Offs- Each Thursday Anomo wants to learn what angle we all should use to get to know you, List what you find attractive in the opposite sex, or simply tell everyone what you don’t like about them in the form of a turn-off

Friday Night Out- TGIF am i right? Show the world how great you can look when you class it up for a night out after a long week of sweating the grind at school or work.  You deserve to look this good.

Saturday Sneakers- You can tell a lot about a person by their shoes, snap a pic of your kicks and upload it to Anomo to give people a new conversation starter.  Jordans, stiletto’s or slippers, it doesn’t matter, we want to see them!



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