We are constantly working on and improving Anomo’s functionality and concepts, most people forget we’re less than a year old. App development is an endless untangling of bugs and errors and that’s when we can create those updates that act as minor repairs, but every so often we get the chance to add some cool new features that we think will make Anomo that much more entertaining.  Here’s what we have in store for you in version 1.14!

4 Person Icebreaker-

It’s even easier to meet people on our app now with the 4 person version of your favorite game.  Hit the Group Icebreaker button and physically shake your phone, it comes up with 4 random people for you to meet, if you don’t like who you’re paired with, simply shake again and get that 1:4 female to male ratio you wanted girls.  Each message sends out to the individuals, so the results of the icebreaker are not seen by the whole group, think of it like the dating game on your app, but with people from all genders and backgrounds.

Welcome Box-

Now you’ll know who the new kid is to pick on. Anomo users are always great with initial interaction, quickly greeting new members and catching them up to speed on how to use the app and what not. We felt this was an important part of our culture to reinforce and grow. So now whenever someone new creates an account, their name pops up on the Activity Stream, with a game or chat button right on the content box so that active Anomo users can get right to work.


Anomo has widely  been used for chatting with new people, which is great in it’s own right, but it’s time to start the greater plan, mwahah-erm..Evils laughs aside we want people to end up using Anomo for real world daily activities like checking into a Pizzeria to let everyone know you’re taking in the all you can eat buffet.  So we moved the check in button right onto the Anomo quick bar in the lower right part of the home screen where you can also put in your status or take a picture. Simple and Easy.

Now when people see your location they can ask you if they can come help you take down that already cold second pizza.

Anomo 1.14 will be in the App and Google Play Stores  late next week, Between Oct 11-13.

Tell us what you think at Scott@anomo.com


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