Anomo works with  high school students who are trying to launch their own ambitious careers. This week we’ll be featuring one of our lead interns Devan Williams.
Devan Williams
Sports: Football, Track & Field
Hobbies: Traveling, Watching movies, Learning more about the world around me
Future Endeavors: To found own Tech/design company
Devan has always been an active person. Every since I was little I always wanted to get involved. Whether it was ASB and Leadership through school, or volunteering through the community. Devan has always enjoyed giving back. All these activities have taught him the importance of taking advantage of every opportunity that comes his way, and what a great education can do.
Devan said Anomo allows him to make strides toward the future. Not only gaining real world experience, but also providing the knowledge he needs to take steps towards his own career.
If you are interested in the Anomo High School Internship feel free to submit questions to We have knowledgable founders to learn from and a priceless experience for boosting resumes and applications, and better yet we are always looking for driven young people like you.

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