Just like most good things on the internetvAnomo has to deal with it’s share of prohibited content. Though we have an extremely low rate of abuse some still gets through the filter.  That’s why we ask our users to form an army of admins if you will.

We ask our users to report content or users that you feel violate the terms of agreement. Whether it’s a tasteless image or cyber bullying incident, you can report it and we will  delete the content in question upon our review. Here is how to go about being an Anomo Cyper Cop.

In each content box and profile there will be a ‘–‘ icon in the top right corner.  Give that baby a click and fill out a short explanation of the infraction and send it off to us.

When we get a complaint we can typically respond in ten minutes. At night it will take longer, because believe it or not, sometimes we sleep.


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