When you first bring up Anomo there are 3 separate streams of content that you can view.  By default the first stream you will see is the main Activity Stream, this will feature every single piece of content posted by Anomo users, no matter location.

The second stream option you will see is the ‘Nearby’ Stream.  All of the content on this stream is localized, only the content generated by users near your location will be  displayed.

Lastly, the ‘Following’ stream contains all of the content posted by users who you have chosen to follow.   Scroll up and down and get a feel for what your new friends are like.

See someone who has a knack for posting comments and pictures that make you giggle like a hyena? Then simply click Chat on their post to shoot them a private message telling them how awesome they are. i know I would like that.

The ‘Recent’ and ‘Nearby’ content can be filtered  by clicking the funnel shaped icon on the upper right. You can then decide on the content you want to see by selecting the poster’s age range and gender.

You know in case your tired of talking about Miley Cyrus with 15 year old girls.


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