One of the many features that makes Anomo unique is the reveal feature. Think of Facebook and Twitter, all of your information is out there to be perused and searched for, sure you have some privacy options but for the most part a least some of your contact information is available with the “Reveal” process Anomo let’s you choose what information others can see, when you want them to see it. Step by step, here is the reveal process.

1.  Say you find a new friend by playing an Icebreaker, you two hit it off and you decide to take the next step of revealing more about yourselves to each other.

2. Select that person’s profile. Click on one of the hidden information buttons below the other person’s avatar to ask them to reveal that information.

3. If that person requests you to reveal something about yourself, say your picture, simply click the request and agree to reveal by selecting a pre-existing photo of yourself or by taking one right then and there.

4. There are several key pieces of hidden information you can share like your Facebook information and your physical appearance.

5. If your relationship over Anomo goes wrong or you simply want to hide yourself again. You can click the same hidden information button to “Unreveal” yourself.


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